PPE supplies

Supplying PPE to the UK

Many organisations, including medical facilities, are finding it difficult to meet their PPE needs.  Our organisation is able to supply large quantities of CE-certified gloves, masks, gowns, to surgical standard, including N95 masks. Quantities available to the millions, if required. 

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We have successfully been able to secure, ship and deliver large amounts of high quality PPE very quickly by partnering with Inter Build of New Zealand. MPA are the official UK importer and distributor. 

Inter Build are a leading distributor of PPE . We have had great success in the New Zealand market where our clients include:

New Zealand Ministry Health via Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB)

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)
Customs New Zealand
Maritime New Zealand
New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA)
New Zealand Dental Association
Private Hospitals
Safety Supplies Stores

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We have a team of over 30 procurement professionals in China and Taiwan and through our supply chain there, we are able to source very large quantities of fully certified, high quality PPE.  All manufacturers and products sourced are thoroughly checked by our purchasing team.  Our method of sourcing product follows strict processes which include but are not limited to ensuring:

 The manufacturers act in an ethical manner in all aspects of business.

All certificates are checked with the issuing authority, this includes but is not limited to FDA and CE approvals.
All Testing Certificates are fully checked. 
Quality Control Measures are in place and meet requirements.
In short, we are able to provide large quantities of fully certified PPE much more quickly than most other providers.

Freight on Board (FOB).  This pricing is ideal if you prefer to use your own logistics from the port of origin.

Cost of Freight by Air (CFR Air).  This pricing includes the products being delivered to an airport in the UK.
Cost of Freight by Ship (CFR Ship).  This pricing includes the products being delivered to a port in the UK.  Clearly, this delivery method is cheaper than CFR Air but will take approximately 20 days longer.  For many of our clients that wish us to provide the logistics and have an urgent need for PPE, they receive their first shipment by air and then the remainder by ship.

We are also more than happy to discuss alternative logistics arrangements – we ship approximately 90 x shipping containers and 10 x Air Cargo’s per year and so are experts in the logistical arrangements of international trade.

Please note that all pricing is in US$ and excludes taxes, import duties and insurance.

If you require any further information or a detailed explanation of the price list, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 193 9770